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Eastvantage Business Solutions Inc.

Eastvantage, a dynamic Belgian company in the field of remote services, operates with a substantial global presence through offices located in the Philippines, India, Bulgaria, Morocco, and Vietnam. This strategic positioning strengthens our capability to serve a diverse and broad international clientele, including a robust portfolio of clients within the UK. Our comprehensive service offerings encompass 24/7 inbound and outbound helpdesk support, extensive backoffice functions, IT support, and custom software development, all tailored to meet the evolving demands of modern enterprises.

We are particularly proud of our ability to deliver high-quality, cost-efficient helpdesk solutions that empower businesses to extend their service availability beyond the conventional working hours without a compromise on quality. This is particularly beneficial for our UK clients, who benefit from the ability to expand their customer support and operational capabilities at competitive costs, thus gaining an edge in customer satisfaction and business continuity.

Our commitment to excellence is further showcased through our omnichannel service capabilities, which fuse voice, email, and chat communications into a seamless customer experience. This integration ensures that all customer interactions are handled efficiently, regardless of the communication channel, fostering greater accessibility and responsiveness. Our team of skilled, multilingual agents leverages this technology to deliver consistent and dependable service, addressing the unique cultural and linguistic preferences of each market we serve, including the diverse UK market.

By leveraging our global footprint and advanced technology infrastructure, Eastvantage has become a trusted partner for numerous UK-based businesses seeking to elevate their customer service experience and expand their international operations. Our ability to scale support services internationally, while maintaining high standards of quality and cost-effectiveness, makes us an ideal choice for companies looking to enhance their global or local competitiveness


Eastvantage Business Solutions Inc.


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    24th floor, Fort Legend Tower, Fort Bonifacio, Metro Manila – Philippines
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    45210000 : Building construction work
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    UK - National
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