Vending Machines Framework

Vending Machines Framework

Vending Machines Framework


NFP’s Vending Machines Framework is currently out to tender. The framework will offer a compliant vending machines solution to clients for long term supply arrangements for “free on loan” vending machines.

It will cover the following categories:

Free standing hot and cold beverage machines
Counter top hot and cold beverage machines
Machines that dispense carbonates, bottled and canned drinks
Machines that dispense confectionery and snacks
Machines that dispense a combination of snacks and chilled drinks
Machines that dispense food
The following ceiling rates apply:
• Crisps £0.80
• Chocolate £1.00
• Healthy Snacks £1.00
• Canned Drinks 330ml £0.80 (£1.00 incl Sugar Tax)
• Bottles 500ml £1.10 (£1.30 incl Sugar Tax)

When undertaking a fully managed service, the service providers prices are fully inclusive of overheads and profit. The service provider is responsible for the replenishment, cleaning, servicing and comprehensive maintenance of the equipment, including all parts and labour necessary to rectify damage due to normal wear and tear and to keep equipment in operative working order. The service provider will provide details of insurance cover available for fire, theft, damage and vandalism etc.

Self fill options are available through Mini Competition.

This framework features a rebate mechanism, whereby profit is shared on sales generated for snacks.


  • Start Date

  • Framework Capacity


  • NUTS Code


  • Direct Selection


  • Mini Competition


  • Cost/Quality Split

    60% Quality/40% Cost (10% +/- allowance)

  • Cost Model

    Schedule of Rates

  • Access Fee


  • Insurance Levels

    Public Liability Insurance no less than £5,000,000 for each event, events unlimited. Employer’s Liability Insurance no less than £10,000,000 for each claim for all customary risks. Professional Indemnity Insurance no less than £2,000,000 for each claim.

  • CPV Codes

    42933000 : Vending machines
    42968100 : Drinks dispensers