Low Carbon Heating Framework

Low Carbon Heating Framework

Low Carbon Heating Framework


For the provision of Low Carbon Systems. This framework is available through our partner ProcurePublic Ltd.

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Low Carbon Services Framework

Our innovative Renewable Heating framework encompasses all current and future low-carbon heating systems.

Designed to obtain servicing and maintenance, with the possibility of design, supply and installation of Microgeneration Renewable Technology. The technical specifications and standards for these technologies are based on the Microgeneration Certification Scheme. These standards are accepted as the authority for all Renewable Technology installs.

Delivering the principles of the Green Homes Grant, with the objective of offering clients sustainable and profitable contracts with great customer service.


  • Contract Notice

    2020/S 173-419262

  • CPV Code

    39715000 Water heaters and heating for buildings; plumbing equipment
    39715210 Central-heating equipment
    42515000 District heating boiler
    45232140 District-heating mains construction work
    45232141 Heating works
    45251250 District-heating plant construction work
    45259300 Heating-plant repair and maintenance work
    45315000 Electrical installation work of heating and other electrical building-equipment
    45331100 Central-heating installation work
    50720000 Repair and maintenance services of central heating
    50721000 Commissioning of heating installations
    71314310 Heating engineering services for buildings
    71321200 Heating-system design services

  • NUTS Code


  • Duration

    4 years

  • Expiry Date


  • Direct Selection


  • Mini Competition

    Yes - 60/40 Quality Cost (10% Deviation Allowance)

  • Contract Type

    Framework Terms & Conditions

  • Cost Model

    Predetermined Schedule of Rates

  • Access Fee