Legal Framework – Housing Management

Legal Framework – Housing Management

Legal Framework – Housing Management


NFP’s Legal Framework is currently being retendered. It will focus on general legal matters, this lot will also specialise in Housing Management for public sector clients.

Relative to this framework, the following services may also be requested.

  • Group and sector structures
  • Mergers and acquisitions and related lender and regulatory consents
  • Corporate protection
  • Corporate governance
  • Existing and emerging regulatory requirements (FCA, ICO, CQC, HCA, OFT)
  • Statutory advice and guidance in relation to data protection; company law
  • Community benefit society
  • Charity law
  • Consumer credit and other licenses including finance and other lending licenses
  • Advice on setting up social enterprises/shared services operations
  • Advising on new business ventures, investment etc, including related due diligence
  • Related litigation and dispute resolution
  • General advice and training


  • Category

    Legal services

  • Contract Notice


  • CPV Code

    79100000 : Legal services
    79110000 : Legal advisory and representation services,
    79111000 : Legal advisory services,
    79112000 : Legal representation services
    79130000 : Legal documentation and certification services
    79140000 : Legal advisory and information services

  • NUTS Code


  • Duration

    4 years - Value excluding VAT: 200 000 000.00 GBP

  • Direct Selection


  • Mini Competition

    Yes - 50% Quality / 50% Cost (10% +/- allowance)

  • Contract Type

    JCT, TPC or bespoke T&C's

  • Cost Model

    Schedule of rates

  • Access Fee