Fire Safety Framework

Fire Safety Framework

Fire Safety Framework


National Framework Partnership is your reliable online platform for accessing trusted and experienced Fire Safety specialists, within the public sector. By utilising our framework, you gain access to a range of benefits tailored to your specific needs:

Expert Fire Safety Services: Specialists in providing comprehensive, bespoke fire safety solutions.They offer a range of services to ensure compliance, risk mitigation, and the protection of lives and property.

Fire Risk Assessments and Consultations: Our pre-qualified suppliers conduct thorough fire risk assessments to identify potential hazards and vulnerabilities in your premises. They provide expert recommendations and guidance to improve fire safety measures and compliance with regulations.

Fire Safety Training and Education: Providing training programs and educational resources will enhance the fire safety awareness and knowledge of your staff. Equipping your organisation with the necessary skills to respond effectively in case of emergencies.

Fire Protection Systems Installation and Maintenance: Installation and maintainence of state-of-the-art fire protection systems, including fire alarms, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and emergency lighting. To ensure your premises are equipped with reliable and up-to-date fire safety equipment.

Fire Incident Investigation and Reporting: In the unfortunate event of a fire incident, specialists can conduct investigations to determine the cause, evaluate the response, and provide comprehensive reports. This helps identify areas for improvement and prevent future incidents.

Compliance with Fire Safety Regulations: Fire safety appointees ensure that your organisation complies with all relevant fire safety regulations and standards. They stay up-to-date with the latest requirements and assist you in maintaining a safe and compliant environment.

Emergency Planning and Evacuation Procedures: Development of robust emergency plans and evacuation procedures specific to your premises. Ensuring that your organisation is prepared to handle fire emergencies effectively, minimising risks and maximizing the safety of occupants.

Ongoing Fire Safety Support: Offering ongoing support and advice to address any fire safety concerns or inquiries you may have. Serving as a trusted partner, assisting you in maintaining a high level of fire safety throughout your organisation.

NFP showcases many public sector frameworks that are PCR compliant. Ensuring transparency and adherence to procurement regulations. To proceed, we recommend reviewing the appointed suppliers on our website and utilising our user-friendly 4-step E-sign forms. These forms enable you to either directly select a supplier or run a mini competition, simplifying the procurement process and ensuring you find the most suitable fire safety appointee for your organisation’s needs.


  • Contract Notice

    2022/S 000-011809

  • Award Notice

    2022/S 000-029892

  • Start Date

  • Expiry Date


  • Framework Capacity


  • NUTS Code


  • Direct Selection


  • Mini Competition


  • Cost/Quality Split

    60% Quality / 40% Cost (10% +/- allowance)

  • Contract Type

    JCT,Client specific

  • Cost Model

    Schedule of Rates

  • Access Fee


  • Insurance Levels

    Public Liability Insurance no less than £5,000,000 for each event, events unlimited. Employer’s Liability Insurance no less than £10,000,000 for each claim for all customary risks. Professional Indemnity Insurance no less than £2,000,000 for each claim.

  • CPV Codes

    50000000 - Repair and maintenance services
    50610000 - Repair and maintenance services of security equipment
    50700000 - Repair and maintenance services of building installations

Call-Off Process

How can I use this Framework?

Our simple step process allows for both Direct Selection or Mini-Competition. Further information can be found below. Please note that Clients may enter into a contract for any duration that best allows for the performance of the requirement to be achieved.

Direct Selection

With the Direct Selection method, you may select the contractor who is ranked number 1, or any other Contractor/Consultant on the following basis:

  • Where you have an existing relationship with the Contractor/Consultant.
  • Where the Call Off has substantial similarities to a previous project the Contractor/Consultant was involved with (under this Framework Agreement or not).
  • For reasons of urgency, where it is not reasonably practical to award the Call-Off Contract by way of a Mini-Competition.
  • Capability Criteria determining that only one framework appointee is capable of carrying out the Call-Off Contract.
  • Where you are able to determine which Contractor/Consultant will provide the most economically advantageous offer.
  • Where a Contractor/Consultant has introduced the site.
  • Rank based on filter categorisation by region and/or contract value, of which the supplier has pre-selected.

Mini Competition

Our Mini-Competition process lets you expand beyond the framework’s original specification to meet your specific requirements. The framework partners from the relevant lot are invited to tender (where capable). This process typically takes 2-4 weeks. The capability criteria can be defined by the following:

  • The contractors capability to carry out a project of the size and complexity of the proposed project.
  • The contractors capability to carry out works and services in the locality of the proposed project.
  • The contractors financial stability and standing.
  • The contractors health and safety record.
  • The contractors capacity, taking into account the value of Works and Services already awarded to it under the Framework Agreement.
Call-off Forms

Call-off Procedure (E-Sign)

NFP has simplified the Call-off process to steps allowing you access to our framework within minutes.

Confidentiality Agreement

Please note that this form is designed for Public Sector clients only. If you are an interested supplier, please use our live chat button.

The form below is designed to protect the commerciality of suppliers and the integrity of the Framework. Clients will need to complete the fields prompted within the form, to allow password-protected access for Steps 2, 3.

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