Development (London £5M – £10M)

Development (London £5M – £10M)


This framework covers clients development Programme to drive maximum value for money from its construction supply chain.

There are 8 Lots under this Framework, which are structured as per the below:

Lot 1 Kent Between £5 – £10 Million
Lot 2 Kent Above £10M
Lot 3 South Between £5 – £10 Million
Lot 4 South Above £10M
Lot 5 London Between £5 – £10 Million
Lot 6 London Above £10M
Lot 7 All Regions Above £25M
Lot 8 MMC Modern Methods of Construction. No fixed value.

Awarded from December 2019, the Framework Agreement lasts for a period of 5 years.

However, the call-off contracts
• Can continue beyond the 5 years terms of the Framework Agreement
• Can be as long as required based on the project
• Provide the Employer with the opportunity to terminate or reduce the workload under specified circumstances and appoint other Contractors from the Framework Agreement using a direct selection or mini-competition approach.

Next Steps

Next Steps

NFP has simplified the call off process to 5 steps allowing you access to our framework within minutes. The 5 steps include Adobe E-sign and details (or guidance) can be found below; Alternatively you can choose mini competition.

To view these documents, please visit this page on a device with a wider screen.

Framework Access Agreement

This form contains the joining agreement allowing the client access to our framework. Clients are at liberty to choose the standard terms and conditions as found in Step 5 or their own. For audit purposes NFP will need to retain a copy of the form in order for the contract to be effective.

Mini Competition

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