• External Audit Framework

    External Audit Framework

    The Framework provides clients the services to undertake statutory external audits and provide accounting advice and review as required

    OJEU: 2019/S 060-139690

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  • Heat Metering Framework

    Heat Metering Framework

    An all-encompassing metering and billing service framework featuring, prepayment metering, flow, energy, electricity and electronic metering and meter reading service

    OJEU: 2016/S 221-403028

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  • Insurance Framework

    Insurance Framework

    A comprehensive framework providing clients the opportunity to mitigate risk through insurance services from property and financial loss through to pension trust liabilit

    OJEU: 2019-171-418074

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  • Internal Audit Framework

    Internal Audit Framework

    From the development of internal audit strategy to advice on governance and risk management, the framework provides clients a multitude of internal audit solutions

    OJEU: 2016/S 203-367106

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  • Lifts Consultancy Framework

    Lifts Consultancy Framework

    Covering consultancy of modernisation and refurbishment of lifting equipment and encompassing the LOLER statutory compliance commitments

    OJEU: 2018/S 190-430266

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  • Property valuations Framework

    Property valuations Framework

    Covering the provision of property valuations the framework offers the client an SLA with in 5 working days submitted by email

    OJEU: 2017/S 227-473378

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  • Stock Condition Surveys Framework

    Stock Condition Surveys Framework

    As part of our professional services category, the framework offers clients, sample surveys, survey from design, pilot survey and data transfer and investment scenario options

    OJEU: 2017/S 227-473378

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  • Structural Engineers Surveys Framework

    Structural Engineers Surveys Framework

    From ground settlement to thermal movement, this professional services requirement offers the client a comprehensive range of structural surveys and on-site services

    OJEU: 2017/S 227-473378

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