Our National Framework Partnership


Empowering public sector organisations with high-quality procurement solutions

Procurement can be a daunting, lengthy and resource-intensive process and it is particularly important for public sector organisations to be able to procure efficiently and responsibly.

Behind our work sits a passion and determination to empower public sector organisations to focus on their core work by making procurement easy.

Supported by our highly-experienced team, our 90+ frameworks offer a network of nearly 200 trusted partners, removing the need for long-winded, wasteful procurement processes.

We’re backed by Hyde, one of the biggest housing associations in the UK, and this gives us a powerful combination of economies of scale and social purpose.

Our original construction, design and build frameworks have grown to cover a wide range of sectors. Clients can procure a huge variety of services, ranging from £10,000 to £30m, by following our unique and simple four-step process.

  • "The whole call-off process has been effortless"

    James Pedlingham - Head of Procurement Cumbria Education trust

  • "This framework has worked well, we now have a professional and reliable contractor who I would have no concerns in recommending ."

    John Young - Housing IT Development Manager Ashford Borough Council

Our live Performance


Efficient Economic Frameworks

Framework Flow Call off process


Public Contract Regulations

Frameworks are umbrella agreements that set out the terms, that include specification, quality, price, quantity, under which individual contract call offs can be made during the lifetime of the framework (normally 4 years).

The Public Contracts Regulations threshold Levels from 1st January 2020

The Public Contracts Regulations
Supplies & Services (except subsidised services contracts) Schedule 1 bodies £122,976 Others £189,330

Subsidised services contracts
All bodies £189,330

Works (including subsidised works contracts)
All bodies £4,733,252 Light Touch Regime for Services All bodies £663,540

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Social Value

Seen as one of our core principles, Social Value features primarily in all of the National Framework Partnership agreements. Our commitment to supporting the local community and economy through our suppliers is evaluated robustly in our quality and technical evaluation process with our clients.