Welcome to National Framework Partnership

We deliver market-leading procurement solutions in collaboration with pre-qualified framework partners.

With over 90 frameworks, National Framework Partnership is one of the largest Frameworks providers in the UK.

Our mission is to create dependable partnerships through an extensive supply chain of professional Service Providers. Our framework agreements are easy to use, fully compliant* and greatly reduce your timescales, allowing you to focus on effective contract management.

*Public Contracts Regulations 2015 & The Utilities Contracts Regulations 2016

Who We Work With

Our frameworks are accessible by all 4896 UK registered Contracting Authorities and Public Bodies.

About Us FAQs

  • Housing

    Housing Associations within the UK can access our specially designed frameworks

  • Blue Light

    All emergency service bodies are free to access our wide selection of options

  • Education

    Schools, Universities and Colleges can utilise the many appropriate frameworks

  • Charities

    Registered Charities are welcome to employ our frameworks, insuring best value

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare trusts UK wide are welcome to enlist and benefit from our frameworks

  • Transport

    Government-regulated Transport providers may employ our frameworks

  • Local Authorities

    UK Councils are welcome to use our frameworks to benefit local communities

  • Government

    Government Departments may utilise our frameworks to support services

Why Choose Us?

  • National Coverage

    Our Frameworks are all NUTS ‘UK’ compliant, therefore encompass the Public Sector throughout the United Kingdom.

  • 4-Step Call-Off Process

    Our unique 4-step direct selection process helps to keep procurement moving. Ensuring…

    Prequalified Partners
    Terms & Conditions

  • E-Sign. Intelligent procurement

    Take advantage of NFP’s effortless E-signature tool to track contract approvals. This system provides documents in realtime. This way clients can call-off framework partners in minutes, instead of days or weeks.

  • Sustainable rates through trend data

    NFP seeks sustainable relationships for its clients and therefore tracks and manages its cost matrices through market data. Ensuring compliance, service delivery, and sustainable profit margins.

Our Clients

Our clients operate within many different sectors, from Local Authorities to Healthcare, Charities to Eduction. Take a look and see who we’ve worked with.

Our Clients

NFP are proud to be in partnership with a vast array of providers across the UK. Encompassing every type of Public Body and partnering them with their most advantageous suppliers.

Our Suppliers